Staff Professional Development

Learn to integrate yoga and mindfulness techniques into your work with youth

Integrating yoga and mindfulness techniques into your work as an educator or mental health professional will encourage focus, calm, emotional competence, and resilience among the youth you serve. The Oxygen Project offers professional development programming of various lengths and depth, from which you will learn the powerful tools of yoga and mindfulness to use as self-care practices and to bring into your work with youth. Our workshop facilitators have years of experience in classroom and/or clinical settings, as well as advanced training in yoga and mindfulness, and are passionate about bringing these transformative practices to educational environments.

* We are also happy to customize a staff development program for you

Foundations of yoga and mindfulness

(3 hours)
In this program, you will learn the benefits of using yoga and mindfulness in your work and personal life. Through discussion and experience, you’ll gain some simple, yet powerful, practices (breath work, movement, and meditation) that may be effectively incorporated into your work in education or mental health with youth, as well as for your own self-care.

Integrating yoga and mindfulness into your work and life

(6 hours)
Through this program, you will not only experience yoga and mindfulness practices, but will delve deeper into making them an integral part of your work and your life. Through discussion, practice, and practice teaching, you will leave this course with the knowledge and a plan to build yoga and mindfulness into your days for more grounding and resilience, for yourself and those you work with.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth to face everyday stress and significant life challenges with resilience and calm through yoga and mindfulness techniques. Our strengths-based and trauma-sensitive programming supports physical and mental health, positive behavior, and healthy relationships. The Oxygen Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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